OTC 185mm Floating Stickbait


After years of perfecting they are finally here! The OTC Stickbaits can be used in all sorts of conditions and on all sorts of species. The 185mm is perfect when those big fish are feeding on smaller baits whether it’s a picky GT, Spanish Mackerel, Kingfish, or Tuna and even better on the reef flats for Coral Trout, Maori Wrasse, Red Throat Emperor and more. A very easy lure to use. You can use a fast retrieve or a slow sweep to get them to swim. 185mm-80gram floating.

Recommended hooks-

Bkk raptor Z 3/0-4/0

Owner St 66 3/0

Single Hook Lone Diablo 7/0-9/0

OTC 185mm Floating Stickbait


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